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Welcome to the paradise of Mac & Cheese, here you will fall in love from the first bite. Mac & Cheese is the ultimate comfort food which people loved by all time. A steaming hot bowl of pasta with melted cheese has the potential to make your meal unforgettable.

The Mac & Chees Place.

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Cheezzee is a concept where you build your own mac & cheese that empowers you to get creative, to be your self-chef to make your own mac masterpiece.

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We not just make food, Its all about to share happiness. 


TNT Crispy fried shrimp with fries

Comes with ranch , TNT sauce and fries

Crispy fried cheese sticks

8 pieces served with marinara and ranch dipping sauce

Buffalo wings

Served crispy with buffalo sauce and ranch dipping sauce Celery and carrot sticks

Crispy French fries

served with ketchup and ranch dipping sauce

Macaroni and cheese balls

4 fried macaroni and cheese balls served with creamy marinara sauce

Crispy Chicken

Chicken crispy with seasoned panko, honey mustard and ranch dipping sauce 

Cheese fries

Crispy fries topped with four cheeses and homemade cheese sauce

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About Us.

Cheezzee is the restaurant created by Sinatra Holding, Since 2010. We are specialized in Macaroni & Cheese! We offer one of the top MAC & Cheese dishes with the best ingredients in town.

Cheezzee is a concept that built your own mac & cheese that empowers you to get creative, to be your self-chef to make your own mac masterpiece.

We share our passion and experience to create the best food and happiness for our customers.

Our Cheezzee

Serving best Macaroni

Classic flavor with dozens of options, made to your liking every time

The best comfort food should come packed with only the best fresh & local ingredients.

We scrutinize all of our entrees with thorough taste tests before they earn a spot on our menu.

A few words about Mac & Cheese

Serving the best Macaroni in city

Mac & Cheese is everything we could want. Hot, Melted cheese blended in creamy harmony with pasta, Mac & Cheese is our all-time favorite comfort food. Mac & Cheese taste as cheesy as a cheese ball, its smell as good as cheesy chip as sweet as honey. Mac & Cheese looks as yellow as the sun and its so deliteful to eat with all of the cheese on the macaroni.

Our Mission

We believe the most preferred serve quick service restaurant in town.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why our ultimate goal is developing a loyal customer following, and we know well that loyalty must be earning with a superior product and exceptional service. Form that our every guest experience had great moment by their food.

We want our Mac & Cheese to be enjoyed by all.

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The American president Thomas Jefferson encountered macaroni both in Paris and in northern Italy. He drew a sketch of the pasta and wrote detailed notes on the extrusion process. In 1793, he commissioned American ambassador to Paris William Short to purchase a machine for making it. Evidently, the machine was not suitable, as Jefferson later imported both macaroni and Parmesan cheese for his use at Monticello. In 1802, Jefferson served "a pie called macaroni" at a state dinner. The menu of the dinner was reported by Reverend Manasseh Cutler, who apparently was not fond of the cheesy macaroni dish. Nevertheless, since that time, baked macaroni and cheese has remained popular in the United States.
... A recipe called "macaroni and cheese" appeared in the 1824 cookbook The Virginia Housewife written by Mary Randolph. Randolph's recipe had three ingredients: macaroni, cheese, and butter, layered together and baked in a hot oven. The cookbook was the most influential cookbook of the 19th century, according to culinary historian Karen Hess. Similar recipes for macaroni and cheese occur in the 1852 Hand-book of Useful Arts, and the 1861 Godey's Lady's Book. By the mid-1880s, cookbooks as far west as Kansas and Festus, Missouri, included recipes for macaroni and cheese casseroles. Factory production of the main ingredients made the dish affordable, and recipes made it accessible, but not notably popular. As it became accessible to a broader section of society, macaroni and cheese lost its upper-class appeal.

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We are so pleased when our customers give us feedback – it means a lot to us.  .

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"Most amazing I ever had!!"
"Delicious macaroni!! Best ever!!"
"I always visit here, and they always surprise me with a new dish!! Highly recommended."
"A must visit for every mac and cheese lover"

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